BUSINESS to stay young, energetic and sexy is the way to delay / prevent the aging process . The process of getting older is caused by degeneration of the cells of our bodies. Each cell generally approximately 1-2 years and prior to cell death, cells produce themselves. Only those cells become smaller or damaged.
Dr.Benyamin S. Frank from the USA have found that these cells are damaged it can be restored to normal by giving the substances were given name: RNA-DNA (ribonucleic acid-Desoxy ribonucleic acid), enzyme SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) and The hormone DHEA (Dehydro-epi-Androste-rone).
Dr.Eari Mindell of the USA has set for you all,

PROGRAM ageless as follows:
1. Eat healthy foods 4 - 5 perfect
2. Multivitamins + Minerals (Zn - Cu - Mg) morning and afternoon.
3. Vitamin C1 g with bioflavonoids, morning and afternoon.
4. Vitamin E 4001.U. with antioxidants, morning and afternoon.
5. RNA-DNA tablets @ 100 mg 1 x day at month 1, 2 tablets a day at month-11 after 3 tablets a day 6 days a week.
6. SOD @ 125 mcg tablet with the same dose as RNA-ONA tablets
7. DHEA with the same dose as RNA-DNA tablet, it's just eaten 1 hour before meals.

Tablet RNA-DNA, SOD and DHEA still could not be obtained in Indonesia, but the RNA-DNA is present in natural materials such as: spinach, asparagus, mushrooms, fish (especially sardines and salmon), chicken liver, onions, wheat germ and moatmeal. Lately outstanding health foods (food supplement) Elixir or tablet form which is said to contain RNA-DNA from natural materials, ie Sun Chlorella Wakasa and A.


It is advisable to eat 'sea food' sebap day with 2 glasses of skim milk, 1 cup fruit juice / vegetable and 4 glasses of water each day.


Using ordinary Shampoo and Conditioner are still not enough to keep healthy hair shampoo keep him must be given an additional well alau albumen protein. Your food should also be maintained, whether there was fish, liver, yeast and wheat germ? If not equipped with the kinds of foods they will be above, it shall be
equipped with the following supplements.:
- Multivilamin and minerals 1 tablet a day. (Mineral-lodium Silicon-Sulfur and iron can prevent hair loss)
Vitamin B complex 1 tablet a day. (Pantothenat acid and PABA-folic acid: These acids kewama restore the original gray) Cystein 1 gram of vitamin C a day plus 3 grams. Hair consists of 10-14% cystein. Tablet@10.000 1-2 IU Vitamin A a day, 5 days a week morning and afternoon.
biotin, choline and Inosilol (1 gram a day), Chloride (as salt)


Age spots or liver spots are brown spots attached to the arms, legs, shoulders and face, especially in elderly people. Actually, these spots have nothing to do with age or your heart (Age / liver spots), only the melanin pigment abnormalities. According to doctors at East Hospital
Birmingham, England In the book 'Everyday Health tips, spotting' age spots' tsb is a sign that the body concerned zinc mineral deficiency. To be sure 'agespots' caused partly because of direct sunlight. Other names: melasma / chloasma. When a person gets older, the skin is no longer able to protect from the sun by way of adjusting the balance of brown staining (tanning),
So at first they will skin produces more pigment in the form of fragments / patches small. You can only reduce its brown color just by:
- Smeared with 'Lemon Juice' or cream bleach. Furthermore Keep you use 'restraint sun cream / sunscreen' if you will come out under the sun.
When pigment Melamine disappear, it will arise disease vitiligo (white bercak2). Sometimes in some people seem a big bump on the skin scar, which we are familiar with the name of the keloid. The reason is because the body to form connective tissue (Collagen and Elastin) to excess (tissue growth).

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