7 Sexy Props to Add Steamy Fun and Sex Tools For The Bedroom

Want some not-so-tame fun in the bedroom? Think sex toys. (No, not those kinky kinds.) Introduce these 7 everyday-item-turned-naughty-props to supercharge your sex life, say sexperts.

Want some not-so-tame fun in the bedroom? Think sex toys. (No, not those kinky kinds.) Introduce these 7 everyday-item-turned-naughty-props to supercharge your sex life, say sexperts.

1. Red lipstick
You slick it on when you're going out on a date, so why not in the bedroom? "Lipstick draws attention to your mouth, and there is something about a painted mouth that just yanks a guy's chain," says Ellen Dugan, author of How To Enchant A Man. For a racy shade, try seductive scarlet lips; and softly plant kisses all over his body.

2. Sexy lingerie
Not only does wearing lingerie helps you look, feel and think sexy, it's also an eye candy for your partner! What turns men on the most? "A whopping 80 percent of men in a survey on sexual weapons declared the garter belt to be their number one choice," reveals Laura Corn, author of Passport To Pleasure. Garter belt and stockings get extra points because you can leave them on during sex!

3. Mirror
When it comes to sex, mirrors reflect eroticism. "Watching yourselves have sex in a mirror is almost like watching yourselves starring in your own erotic film, but you have more control and live action," explains Sari Locker, M.S., M.A., Ph.D., sexologist and author of The Complete Idiot's Guide To Amazing Sex. Position your mirror so you can see the reflections from your bed -- it allows you to show off angles of your bodies to each other that you might not be able to see otherwise.

4. Racy note
Honesty is up there in the list of most important tools in the bedroom, but if you're shy it can be difficult to tell him exactly what you want. A sexy note slipped under his pillow or into his bedside drawer works like magic. Not sure how to get started? Try filling in the blanks of these useful phrases:
"I've always wanted to _____."
"I love it when you ______. Give me more."
"Let's try ______ tonight!"
"When I think about the way you ______, it turns me on."

5. High heels
Keep a pair of clean heels just for the bedroom! "They are flattering to the legs, and men love high heels," explains Dugan. Strut around wearing nothing but your wicked stilettoes and tell him he's been a 'bad' boy...

6. Silk scarf
Then, break out your scarf or his tie, which comes in handy for gently binding your guy's wrists together for some sensory fun. Or use it as a blindfold: "With one of you temporarily blinded, you will more than likely feel what your lover is doing to you that much more intensely," says Lou Paget, sex expert and author of 365 Days Of Sensational Sex.

7. Pillow
A well-placed pillow can help you add variety to old favorite sex positions. "For many women, lying in the missionary position with a few pillows under their butts provides the perfect pelvis tilt for G-spot stimulation -- and orgasm," says Laura Berman, M.D., sex educator and author of Real Sex for Real Women.

Tehnik Berciuman Mesra

Berciuman mungkin adalah merupakan salah satu hal yang sering banyak terjadi dikalangan remaja saat ini. Perlu diketahui dengan tehnik berciuman yang baik, variasi dan mesra akan dapat membina hubungan baik dan lebih erat antara suami dan istri. Terbukti dibeberapa uji membuahkan hasil. Seperti yang pernah dikatakan oleh Bruce Springsteen tidak melebih-lebihkan kekuatan ciuman pada saat ia berbisik mengatakan "Karena ketika kita ciuman,. Ooh api." Memang benar bahwa ciuman bisa menjadi real turn-on....: "Hal ini disebabkan adanya pelepasan endorfin, bahan kimia yang membuat kita merasa akan lebih baik secara fisik serta emosional merangsang - melibatkan semua, kami rasa sekaligus mungkin yang kuat afrodisiak paling bahwa pasangan telah mereka miliki, "jelas Hilda Hutcherson, MD, penulis Apa Ibu Anda Jangan pernah Tau Engkau Tentang SEX.

"Berciuman adalah salah satu cara terbaik untuk mendapatkan all the juices flowing," kata Lou Paget, pakar seks dan penulis. Cara Jadi Lover Besar , tapi ada sebuah seni untuk menguasai tehnik berciuman Berikut ada beberapa tehnik berciuman :

Hot kissing dos and don'ts

  1. Don't give a close-lipped kiss. Tight, closed lips feel frigid and are not associated with passion. No one likes to kiss a dead fish.
  2. When your lips touch his skin, he should be able to feel the inside rim of your lips, not just the outside. Try it on your own hand to see the difference.
  3. Add your tongue intermittently at first, gradually increasing its involvement in each kiss. Make sure your tongue is not moving in and out of your mouth so quickly that it resembles a woodpecker. This is NOT a turn-on.
  4. Pretend you just finished brushing your teeth. Run your tongue along your teeth and gum lines as if you were checking to make sure they're clean. Do the exact same thing in his mouth while kissing (although you'll be using the underside of your tongue to do it), and see what kind of a reaction you get.
  5. Men love to be kissed, nibbled and nuzzled, but again, it's important to move slowly and explore every inch of his body like a newfound treasure. Hot zones to try: Earlobes, nipples, neck, belly button, the small of his back, the back of his knees.
  6. As things start to heat up and you move on to other elements of foreplay, you are likely to find yourself far from his lips. The lips are home base to sensuality, and wherever you roam, remember to go home. Think of kissing his lips as gunning his sexual engine. You need to keep it revved up.
  7. Go oh-so-slowly. The more excited he gets, the faster he'll want to go. But don't forget it is these slow, mindful moves that got him excited initially. Don't rush or let him rush you.

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