Meaning of Flowers and Colors Jasmine

Orange flower : It symbolizes his presence as encouraging our days.

Yellow flowers : Symbolizes statement / request for ambiguity.

Blue flowers: It symbolizes a peaceful feeling when we are nearby.

Red roses : It symbolizes the profound feelings of love.

White Lily Flower : It symbolizes true love is in liputi grief.

Cambodia Flowers : It symbolizes a sense of affection behind the doubt.

Jasmine Flower : It symbolizes trust in their partner.

Orchid Flowers : It symbolizes sincerity to give a sincere love and enduring.

White roses : It symbolizes sincerity of heart.

The Meaning of Life

How old are you now?
25, 35, 45 or even 60 years ...
How long you have been through your life?
How long before the rest of your time to live the life?
No one knows when we end this life.

The sun rises and the cock crowing signifies morning has arrived. Time for us
prepared to conduct activities, as employees, as a student, as
a professional, etc..
We start a new day. Congested roads make us more tense
through life. Late at the office, the usual things. Job
pile up, the task of boss who makes his head dizzy, the attitude of men who
unsatisfactory, and many
employment problems we face in office.
Nothing feels, noon to pick up ... "Time to break .. eating .." Stomach
hungry, make a man hard to think. The brain seemed deadlocked. Work became
more weight to
resolved. The sun was right above his head. Really hot day
This ...
Finally at rest over, time to return to work ... Stomach full,
so our spirit can not work even sleepy. Ouch but work
I still much unfinished. Start again we work, work and continue
worked until finally visible in the west ...

The sun was smiling as he said goodbye. Dark Start
pick up. Very tired today. Now a traffic jam. When do I get
at home. Very stiff body, and the body feels sticky.
Its delicious warm water in the bath later. Fresh fresh ...
There is a spur vehicle quickly in order to get home immediately, and
There are city buses rushing after rushing to get home.
Very dynamic life.
Time for dinner. The wife or mother may have been preparing our

our favorite foods. "Ohh .. no chicken soup"
. "My mother made soup meat is delicious."
Husband praises his wife's cooking, or the child's mother praised cuisine. It is also not

we often do.

.. After eating, relax while watching TV. Do not feel quietness of the night
has arrived. Tired of running activity today, make us sleep with
asleep. Back asleep until morning to pick up and start the day
new again.
Life .. yes, like it was life in the eyes of most people.
Wake up, shower, work, eat, and sleep is life.
If our view about the meaning of life to the extent that, maybe we do not
no different from animals who are satisfied with breathing, eating, drinking,
perform routine activities, sleep. Day or night are the same.
Just routine ... until death finally pick up.

Indeed it is the life but not life in the broadest sense.
As human beings we obviously have differences in running life.
Life is not just a routine.
Life is an opportunity for us to devote ourselves to the potential
Life is an opportunity for us to share the joys and sorrows with people
we care.
Life is an opportunity for us to get to know other people.
Life is an opportunity for us to serve all mankind.
Life is an opportunity for us to love our spouses, parents
we, brothers, and love our neighbor.
Life is an opportunity for us to learn and keep learning about
meaning of life.
Life is an opportunity for us to always give thanks to Yang
Almighty ..
Life is ... etc..

So many lives could we live.
How many years you have been through your life?
How many years you have been living the life of your routine?
Will the rest of your time before his death you only sacrifice for
a routine?

We do not know when death will pick up, maybe 5 years from now, maybe 1
years from now, maybe another month, maybe tomorrow, or maybe 1 minute longer.
Only God knows ...
Look around you ... there are a handful of people who need us.

They were waiting for our presence. They were waiting for our support. Parents,
brother, spouse, children, friends and fellow ......
And God is faithful waiting thanks giving from our lips.

Be thankful to God every moment that we are entrusted to
through life. Make this into a religious life.
Congratulations to live a higher quality.

Meaning of Life

one day .. I never think of ...

is there a man who understands ..
whether the meaning of this life ...

been looking for the meaning of true love
but I met only a dream ..
an empty dream is endless
whether one of these hearts
want to have a true love ..

whether the meaning of a true friendship
whether it is also a dream ..?
if so, what does all this ..
already many days I lead
without a definite purpose ...

all as if is just an illusion ..
illusion that nothing has meaning

but finally I realized one thing
only God who truly understands,
about all the meaning of life ..
vacancies this heart
no longer filled with hate ..
nothing is more pure
of the sanctity of divine love

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