9 Tips Female Sexual Fantasies

We too, like men, think about sex a lot and respond sexually to men, or even other women, though less often and typically less visual or explicit. Our fantasies are less focused on the genitals, unlike men’s fantasies, and more likely to construct some romantic encounters with emotional feelings and has more sounds and smell senses involved. 9 most popular female bedroom fantasies exposed!

Sex Fantasy #1: Bad Girls
Bad Girls have wild and guilt-free sex. Women who are “good girls” in real life may long for uninhibited sex and fantasize being a prostitute, a stripper, a porn star or engaging in some plain slutty act and enjoying every single minute of it!

The Erotic Brain
We have always heard about the brain being our largest sexual organ. It is true that it plays enormous roles in female sexual enjoyment and orgasm. The brain is what enables the woman to feel pleasure, and sexual fantasies get our brains in the mood for sex and tell us that it's time for sex.

Sex Fantasy #2: Group Sex
Having double/ triple/ multiple dosage of the masculinity/ feminity or a combination of both without facing any of the bad stuff that comes with it. In your fantasy nobody gets unwanted viruses, there is no worries about people finding out, your hubby won’t develop feelings for the other woman, and won’t get jealous of the other man who gave you the intense orgasm…

Sex Fantasy #3: Girl-Girl Sex
These days these sexual fantasies are so common that it’s almost strange when a woman doesn’t have them. Fantasizing gal-gal sex does not make you a lesbian, that’s because lesbianism is a sexual orientation, and not physical sex between two women. With another woman you can experience the softness, gentleness and the closeness that only a woman can give, qualities which men has difficulties offering.

Sex Fantasy #4: Incest and Inappropriate Partners
Though a major taboo in our society, it is not unusual for women to fantasize about sex with family members especially since our fantasies are often formed when we are young, and our first sexual experiences are likely to occur within the immediate family. It could be bumping into a brother masturbating, or hearing your parents having sex. The fantasies could also involve uncles, cousins or in-laws, the thrill of being morally wrong is a major turn on for some. In these, you can have sex with people you never could or would in real life, like your best friend’s husband (or husband’s best friend, whatever), and nobody’s feelings get hurt.

Sex Fantasy #5: Rape
This type of sexual fantasy allows a woman to be sexual without being responsible for their actions. It is a way to express the desire to be sexual and submissive, not a subconscious desire to be raped.

Sex Fantasy #6: Sex in Public
This is about fooling around at places where there’s the risk of being caught, such as in the back of a lecture theatre or in the AV room in an auditorium where there is a performance going on. There is no fear of committing some offence in the fantasy, the crowd may even cheer you on!

Sex Fantasy #7: Sex with an Audience
It is very erotic when you know there are people watching you and yet don’t have to feel conscious about your cellulites and such! In such fantasies you get to be sexually desirable and get all the attention. You may be the star in a porn scene with 10 people on the shooting crew, or you may have your co-workers and business associates watch you and marvel at your perfect body and what a great lover you are! Great for the ego!

Sex Fantasy #8: Sex with a Stranger
A totally uninhibited, naughty and spontaneous one night stand with an attractive stranger you will never see again is sexually liberating for many women. In real life there are many circumstances that prevent it. In this fantasy there are no strings attached, no itch that won’t go away, and no worry of having to face those men afterwards. It allows you to be emotionlessly sexual and without fear of being labeled.

Sex Fantasy #9: Painful Sex or Torture
Sometimes pain and pleasure do mix… Fantasies about being spanked or punished can heighten pleasure from the imaginary pain perceived ranging from mild discomfort of spanking to hot candle wax dripping to being violently tortured. However, contrary to common belief, women who fantasize about being tortured are often not physically abused during childhood.
Making It Come True
Is it good to “live your fantasies”? Yes, so long as it does not hurt anyone and your partner is agreeable. Harmless play-acting like raping, or spanking can add excitement for couples. Such role-playing with your own partners is perfectly fine and fun when both parties enjoy it.

However some fantasies are better left as fantasies especially those that involve three-ways or orgies when you have a partner who is uneasy with such ideas. These alternative sexual practices could be potentially destructive to a relationship when jealousy or complications set in.

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